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tv   Liberally Stephanie Miller  Current  April 16, 2013 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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[♪ theme music ♪] >> stephanie: all right. how do you start a morning like this morning. good morning, jacki schechner. >> good morning. >> stephanie: oh, boy. you know, i don't -- it's hard of the even know how to starter a show like this morning. we have all been watching the same images and we'll talk to charlie pierce in boston this morning. jacki what is your sense? it's so -- everybody wants to be first on the stories, and there
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are so many things that get out there, and people get ahead of right? >> yeah, this is a tricky week. this is the same week as the oklahoma city bombing waco columbine, so there is definitely connecting some dots there. we don't want to jump to conclusions, but it is a historic week. >> stephanie: the u.s. post immediately reported there is a saudi national. you are right. so we'll be checking in with you throughout the morning to get the latest. here she is jacki schechner. >> good morning, everybody, three dead and at least 150 recorded wounds after two bombs went off yesterday at the finish of the boston marathon. two blasts went off within 13 seconds of one another, almost
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three quarters of the runners had already crossed the finish line. injuries range from eardrum damage to severed limbs and head injuries. president obama pledged full resources of the federal government to figure out what happened and who is responsible. >> obama: people shouldn't jump to conclusions before we have all the of the facts. but make no mistake, we will get to the bottom of this and we will find out who did this, we'll find out why they did this. any -- any responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice. >> the fbi immediately took charge of the investigation and started following up on leads. last night they swarmed a 5th floor apartment in rev veer
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massachusetts, taking out evidence in multiple bags. they are still looking for any photos, audio, or video that people may have from being there at the race. we're back after the break with more news of course, stay with us. drug war you must be high. >> "viewpoint" digs deep into the issues of the day. >> do you think that there is any chance we'll see this president even say the words "carbon tax"? >> with an open mind... >> has the time finally come for real immigration reform? >> ...and a distinctly satirical point of view. >> but you mentioned "great leadership" so i want to talk about donald rumsfeld. >> (laughter). >> watch the show. >> only on current tv.
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♪ >> obama: i have also spoken with the governor and mayor and made sure they have every resource available. and i have made clear to them that all americans stand with the people of boston. >> stephanie: that is correct. as i said to jacki at the top of the hour how do you start a show like today. i guess the best you can.
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jacki schechner will be with us all morning with all of the updates. >> good morning. >> stephanie: good morning honey. charlie pierce writes about today what you said at the top of the hour. you made a good point as the president did about not speculating or making this a political thing. >> here is what becomes tricky from the media perspective, i was with melissa fitzgerald yesterday and we were watching this together. and you're hearing a lot of restating of the obvious or news reporter trying to fill the time, because when you are standing out in the field like that, that's what happens, right? you don't have a tremendous amount of information and you have someone in your ear going keep going, keep going. and i think what happens is that we end up running away possible
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here thatries, so you get this conflicting here is what we know versus here is what we're saying to fill time but we don't necessarily know for sure. and that's really dangerous. >> stephanie: that's right. and everybody was talking about how the "new york post" jumped right out of the box -- first of all they had the casualty level way high and then said there was a saudi national in custody. and again, we should point out, this is just speculation and rumor, but talk about again the week it is -- >> patriot's day. >> stephanie: yeah and there has been made mention of tim mcveigh and the timing of it. >> yeah but if you string those things together knowing the history, this would be a week that you would look for, but again, you can't say that anyone of this is tied because we just don't know yet.
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the fbi doesn't know so how would we know? >> stephanie: i was hearing about the saudi national was a student that was running and somebody tackled him and he said i was running because i was scared. >> and was he racially profiled? >> stephanie: yeah, or was he involved? we don't know. jacki you reported that they went to a home -- it was -- a guy spotted with backpacks, right? >> there were two different things. there was an a be on the lookout that was issued for a man with a dark hood and backpack who tried to get into a restricted area along the marathon site. and when he was stopped by authorities he broke eye contact and slipped away so they are looking for that person which doesn't necessarily mean anything other than they may have found that suspicious. so that was one be on the look
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out yesterday. and overnight we do know they went to an apartment in revere massachusetts. but they didn't have a warrant, they had consent. so whoever lives there gave consent to go in. so they are obviously following up on whatever leads they have. and i do think what is most important at this point is anybody who would have video audio, photographs, you may not even know you have something, right? because we all have our iphones, cameras, droids, whatever you have, and you're along that marathon route and taking pictures, they there may be something in the background that you don't even know you have. >> stephanie: right. and jacki that's part of the -- i suppose as you imply, the good things of law enforcement, but the horror for the rest of us we have all seen this video because you are seeing it live, and then chris was saying at one point you
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wanted to say stop posting pictures of people with no limbs, and there's so much video record already, that you are right, it may help in a law enforcement sense, but we're all still absorbing -- the 8-year-old boy who was killed his father was running in the marathon. >> uh-huh, and he was waiting at the finish line. >> and the photos it would be whatever information people would have from before the explosions. maybe you have a picture of somebody putting something somewhere. that's what they are looking for now, video, or audio, or photographs that people may have taken not knowing they were taking the picture of something. there is going to be a news conference at 9:30 eastern, and we'll keep an eye on that.
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>> stephanie: my ex grew up partially in israel and it is interesting how they are trained to look for any of that for any kind of suspicious like you said if anyone had anything beforehand about anything suspicious. and here we go already with the debate. the white house does not know who planned and carried out the explosions. they are handling the incident as an act of terror. i almost new instantly when the president just made a statement you heard somebody saying was it terror? it was just like a benghazi flash back. >> bill o'reilly went after the president for not saying it was an act of terrorism. >> stephanie: it is like what
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difference does it make at this particular moment. was two hours afterwards right? >> right. and now we're going to play semantics. the important part is not to jump to conclusions. we do know obviously that this is terror in that it is terrifying, and somebody is trying to terrorize somebody that's the definition of terrorism. >> stephanie: right. the white house official said any event with multiple explosive devices is clearly an act of terror. and a thorough investigation will have to be done. >> and look at the fog of the incident. there was a fire at the fjk library, and the authorities in boston had said that that was connected. they had to walk back that information. apparently there were two other devices that existed that were dismantled that didn't know off. we don't know if that was
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accurate. there was a lot of information that was put out there that had to be recanted. >> stephanie: chris was saying even the boston police department has been remarkably -- there has been no leaks of any kind. they say they don't have anybody in custody. as you said the latest you reported is the latest we have on somebody's apartment being searched. >> right. and that's all we know at this point. but they haven't indicated why they were looking at that apartment. so it's -- it's evolving and i don't think in a situation like this being first -- we saw what 23 casualties yesterday, and now it's up to 150, so i don't think there's any prize for being first. you want the latest, and most up to date information, but taking your time and absorbing what is going on and being accurate is probably most important at this point. >> stephanie: yeah, you know obviously while you are in the midst, literally in the middle of this tragedy --
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>> and also i think it's disgusting that people with tweeting pictures of people's blown-off limbs. >> stephanie: that's what jacki is implying, we near this 24-hour social media -- >> but it's not journalism. there used to be a filter. where this is not right -- >> i was on facebook yesterday and one of my friends within like 45 minutes of it happens said why don't we know who did this? it's like good lord let the wounds cart rise. >> no, we want to know everything now! >> stephanie: that is a good point that jim makes. there is no filter. when i grew up the images were very tightly controlled and you are right with social media, that's all gone now. >> stephanie: -- i don't know if it is a good or bad thing. there were the images of people jumps from the world trade
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center and that was devastating. >> stephanie: yeah, and that's your point people are like everybody has already seen it >> yes, and you just make a conscious decision that you're not going to cross that line. and that stuff has been readily available, i'm sure jim knows some of the conspiracy theory websites that have been around for a long long time will have some of these graphic images. >> stephanie: speaking of -- speaking of which, i guess al jones will get the award -- it's a pretty low bar, but alex jones yesterday. >> this is a reporter from his website. >> [ inaudible ] is this another
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false [ inaudible ] civil liberties [ inaudible ]? >> no. next question. >> what was the question? >> stephanie: was this a false depreciation by the government to take away our civil liberties. >> which sounds like the kind of people who would set off the bomb. >> alex jones tweeted within 20 minutes of the bombs going off yesterday this was definitely a false flag operation. how irresponsible is that? >> stephanie: he is lunatic fringe. he is not a reporter but it is interesting to make -- like you were saying jacki, to play semantics that soon of did the president say the word terror? >> therein lies the benghazi fiasco. you are going to be overly
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caution, and sometimes it's to the detriment of what we're trying to get done. >> stephanie: and this had just happened. and here is the president yesterday. >> obama: we still do not know who did this or why, and people shouldn't jump to conclusions before we have all of the facts. but make no mistake, we will get to the bottom of this. and we will find out who did this, and why they did this. any responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice. >> and that was problematic why? >> stephanie: i don't know. i'm sure we'll find out later. >> bill o'reilly had a problem with it. >> stephanie: we have bill o'reilly sound sadly. jacki schechner we hope you'll hang with us as much as you can, but we'll take you as much as we can get you. >> sure. we'll talk about the logistics, but i'll call back in whatever. >> stephanie: you just hold on. [ laughter ] >> oh, a laugh.
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my listeners. click on the try it free button enter the promo code stephanie. 19 minutes after the hour. we roll along on this very sad day. our thoughts prayers, and hearts are with all of you all in boston this morning. as we continue on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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(vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers
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thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>current will let me say anything. ♪ >> stephanie: twenty-four minutes after the hour it is the jacki. jacki schechner remains with us. there is a press conference live at 6:30 that we will go to. is it boston pd?
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>> i'm just seeing police officials at this point. i would imagine the fbi is involved. this is a joint effort at this point. it's federal state, and local all working together at this point. >> stephanie: and we will talk to charlie pierce live from boston next hour. jacki we were talking about obviously in the heat of all of this, there is all this speculation, and charlie writes what you had said the "post" immediately reported a saudi national, which turned out to be incorrect. charlie said i would caution folks jumping to conclusions about patriot's day, the actual date april 15th was of some significant to people the likes of tim mcveigh, and we're saying this is what is out there. as we were talking about in the
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snowstorm media universe you have to talk about what people are talking about. we're reporting what is being speculated on both sides. >> the mo is very similar to the rudolf incident. >> yeah there is a difference between saying here is a speculation that is circulating? and is this valid? you don't want to be a news reporter on a network saying here is what we think. but there are several theories that people are floating some more based in fact than others and i think it is a fair assessment to say that look yesterday was tax day, this is the anniversary of the oklahoma city city bombing, the anniversary of waco the anniversary of columbine.
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it would not be a stretch so note that this was a key week. >> and oklahoma city happened on the anniversary of waco. >> that's right. >> stephanie: and will the right-wing still be screaming it is terrorism. >> but it is terrorism. >> stephanie: jim was referring in case you just tuned in the eric rudolf bombing during the olympics -- and it was abortion clinics -- >> and gay clubs. >> stephanie: and gay nightclubs. so he was a right-wing extremist. >> but yesterday was not tax day in massachusetts. it was a state holiday. tax day in massachusetts is today. and everybody who lives in massachusetts knows that, so i don't know that that -- >> but it is federal tax day.
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>> it is but -- >> stephanie: it is interesting jacki i was booked on cnn, and it's interesting the story broke about noon pacific, and, you know, it's interesting i talked to roland our good friend and he ran the new york marathon and cnn was still saying it might be a gas line. and then they -- it's what they were hearing at that second. and roland who has run, of course, the new york marathon, he said no this is the time when most people are finishing, and sure enough. >> yeah, we got lucky in that regard, they were saying about two-thirds of the runners had crossed at that point, but it was about the four-hour mark which is when most runners would be at the finish line. boston is a pretty elite marathon, and you have to qualify for it. so you are going to get some
6:29 am
pretty fast runners. you may have seen when the explosion happened there was an older man who fell. most people are familiar with that image. he was a runner that collapsed. all of the reports are that he is okay. he is 78 years old and runs marathons. and he was just knocked down by the blast and has nothing but a scrape, but he is okay. and that image was captured in video and still photograph, and everybody took a gasp when they saw that, you thought here is an older man who has collapsed, but all reports are that he is quite all right. >> stephanie: right. i believe if you have just tuned in, right now we're hearing three people are dead more than 140 injured -- >> cnn has it up to 150 but i have consistently seen the highest numbers from cnn. >> stephanie: okay. we will be back live with the
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latest press conference as we continue on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ compelling true stories. >> jack, how old are you? >> nine. >> this is what 27 tons of marijuana looks like. (vo) with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines, way inside. (vo) from the underworld, to the world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him. (vo) no one brings you more documentaries that are real, gripping, current.
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♪ >> stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show." we are waiting for the live press conference from the boston pd, and we will obviously go to that live as soon as we can. on such sad days as this you have to remember to really like, sometimes those happy moments are the ones that make you believe that life goes on and one of those were saturday night at the chicago theater. grant was there and proposed to his girlfriend at sexy liberal. >> hi grant.
6:35 am
>> caller: hi, momma. how are you doing? >> stephanie: i'm okay. you gave such a happy moment for everybody at the sexy liberal. >> caller: well, thank you very much. first of all my heart goes out to everybody in boston, and the rest of the country. but it was so incredible you and roland. >> stephanie: we were really afraid this might go awry. we were like are you sure she is going to say, yes? [ laughter ] >> caller: well, this was also a reproposal, as you know. it got handed back to me once. people can stick their foot in their mouth, unfortunately. >> stephanie: yeah, and you did the whole thing my friend got down on one knee and she said yes, and it was such a loving loving moment and you guys are both old like me no offense, so it's a reminder that life goes
6:36 am
on, and there are beautiful things in life and terrible things like yesterday, right? >> caller: correct. every day paints a different picture, and unfortunately some are fantastic, and some are just dreadful like yesterday. >> stephanie: yeah it's those reminders to hug the people you love and take risks like you did saturday night because you never know, right? >> caller: correct. >> stephanie: honey give my best to vivian and we love you guys and wish you all the best. >> caller: thank you kindly. have a wonderful day, momma and the mooks. >> stephanie: you too sweetheart. >> another good thing, massachusetts general hospital tweeted that several of the runners were finishing the race and running straight to massachusetts general hospital to give blood to those who needed it. >> i'm not sure if you have been running 26 miles -- >> it's not that far away --
6:37 am
>> but i'm saying -- >> yeah, i know. >> stephanie: jacki was reporting -- we'll hear the very latest in a just a moment but obviously yesterday, we -- there was a bunch of reports, apparently the audi -- there was a saudi national that was seen running from the scene, a civilian chased him down and tackled him. people were questioning him whether he was just somebody that was obviously scared and running like everybody else or whatever -- >> sure. >> stephanie: and as jacki reported they searched an apartment, people were cooperative -- >> yeah, they didn't even need a warrant. >> stephanie: yeah, and i think jacki made a good point about if you saw -- if you have anything -- because so many people it's not just tv cameras, cell phones whatever that might
6:38 am
have caught stuff before this happened. let's go to karl in nashville, welcome. >> caller: hey, stephanie, i have a theory on why president obama didn't say terrorists is because, you know, america never fails to disappoint in its ability to be racist towards anything non-american, and i think that -- that the word terrorism immediately evokes the image of male arab middle east eastern, and we can't be too careful in trying to label this. obviously we know it's a terrorist -- intelligent people understand this is a terrorist attack, but we understand that without the president even saying it, but we do understand that the word terrorist attack invokes the image of middle
6:39 am
eastern male. >> stephanie: yeah. well, and karl -- [overlapping speakers] >> stephanie: right. this is what everybody was talking about. you see the headlines around all of the papers, and everybody had the numbers right except the "new york post," everyone had two dead boston hospital treating 28 people. "new york post," 12 dead, nearly 50 injured. so that was wildly incorrect. "new york post" is reporting immediately the saudi national blah blah blah. meanwhile a spokesman saying authorities haven't been notified of any arrests or anyone apprehended. and the boston police department -- i mean that has been no links? >> yeah, it has been remarkable. joe biden yesterday. >> as i'm speaking here apparently there has been a bombing. i don't know any of the details of what caused it who did it.
6:40 am
but our prayers are with those people in boston who have suffered injury and i don't know how many there are. i'm looking at it on television now. >> stephanie: john in boston welcome. >> caller: hi, you guys. i'm really up sweat this. i was just on facebook and saw that bill o'reilly is already giving president crap yesterday. >> stephanie: yeah so much for we're all americans, right? >> caller: yeah, the man has no soul. and a couple of kids died the other day, it's just horrible to see it. my wife goes home every year for this day to watch it on tv and it was a beautiful day and it started out -- i just couldn't believe this. it was just too horrendous you know? it happened close to home now. i remember when 9/11 happened and those flights flu out of boston, that was pretty horrible
6:41 am
too. i don't understand how they can be this heartless. >> stephanie: we are all bostonians today. and that's the first thing that the president said yesterday. there should be no republicans or democrats. here is bill o'reilly. >> the president called the attract a tragedy. it was not. it was a vial act of violence designed to kill innocent people including children. >> they are not mutually exclusive. >> stephanie: there is also a tragedy. >> he is not blaming the arabs. >> stephanie: wow. wow. >> immediately politicizing it. >> stephanie: tim is wisconsin wants to chime in on this -- oh tim, hold please. we have to go thrive the press conference. the governor. >> it's important to clarify that two and only two explosive
6:42 am
devices were found yesterday, other partials -- all other parcels in the area of the blast have been examined but there are no unexploded bombs found. over 150 people were injured yesterday in the blast, some gravely. our thoughts go out to all of those injured and killed and to their families and friends. i personally want to thank the extraordinary first recorders for their extraordinary work yesterday. every single one of them, those on-site and those who got to the site promptly thereafter performed beautifully as have the area hospitals, and i have been calling around to the heads of the hospitals personally to thank them as well. it's our hope tomorrow we will organize an interfaith prayer service to help our community heal.
6:43 am
we'll provide those details when we have them. there is a support center that was opened yesterday in what we call the castle opposite the park plaza hotel on arlington and stewart street i think it is. the mayor has provided staff to help people cope with -- with this extraordinary event [ overlapping speakers ] >> and it goes from 9:00 or beyond this evening. finally everyone should expect continued heightened police presence, and everyone should continue personally to be vigilant. the investigation continues and until it is done all of those in law enforcement, represented by the leaders here will be present in force in the area around the blast and throughout the city. and with that, let me turn it over to the mayor. >> thank you, governor. yesterday terror was brought to
6:44 am
the city of boston. tragedy was brought to one of our neighborhoods also. this is a close-knit place the city of boston. here we know our neighbors, we grieve for them. we grieve for the little boy we knew from rochester. but we know her heros also. the men and women who wear helmets, the badges, the runners who helped us yesterday during this time of need. as we go together with all of the law enforcement officials we got to make sure we stay close together. we have got it under control, let's continue to work together and offer a helping hand to individuals who may need it during this very difficult time in our history, but i just say to all of you, i have been mayor for 20 years now i have never seen law enforce. pulling and working together to solve a crime as they have but also help people pull together. this is a tragedy but boston is
6:45 am
a strong city a city that will get through this, and like the governor said, we set up a resource center over at the castle near the park plaza hotel. it is open from 9:00 to 5:00 and the phone number is -- 635-5040 ji believe. our hot line -- 617-534-5050, and the 24-hour hot line with information also. for the last several hours we have received calls from all over the world asking for information about the tragedy, and how they can help us. a bad day for boston but i think if we pull together we'll get through it. a lot of people willing to work together to make this a better place for all of our people so
6:46 am
as we gather here today with all of our officials, let's say boston will overcome. >> stephanie: 800-call-fbi for tips. >> thank you governor, and mr. mayor. the president of the united states has fledged his full support in all efforts. we did not have to reach out to the president. the president reached out us to. >> stephanie: senator warren. >> we called the mayor and the members of the delegation because the president is actively involved here and responding. on behalf of our congressional delegation, we have all of the members of our delegation. we want to extend our thanks to the first responders, the firefighters, the police officers, ems, everyone on the scene, including the volunteers who came and helped those in trouble, and helped save lives.
6:47 am
we also want to thank those from all around the country and all around the world whose prayers and thoughts and offers of help have pored in. we are deeply grateful. as the mayor says, boston will survive. >> stephanie: that was senator elizabeth warren. [ overlapping speakers ] >> i'm the social agent in charge from fbi. i want to thank the boston fire department, and volunteers nurses, and medical staff who volunteered at the marathon. we continue to work shoulder-to-shoulder with our partners at the police department, the massachusetts state police as well as all of our other jttf agencies our mission is clear, to bring to justice those responsible for the boston bombing. the american public and boston
6:48 am
want and deserve answer. this group of men and women standing here today pledge to do everything possible to get those answer. are no known additional threats. we continue to interview various witnesses and process the crime scene which could take some time. the citizens of massachusetts and the city of boston should expect to see the fbi and it's fttf partners conduct investigation in the area. assistance from the public remains critical in establishing a time line of events which leads to swift conclusion through due diligence and strong investigative activity. we commend the public the citizens of boston, and the citizens of the commonwealth of massachusetts for the information provided so for a, and we strongly encourage that assistance to continue. it is paramount to explain the
6:49 am
fbi and our jttf roll to a greater extent. the we have received voluminous tips over the last 18 hours since the incident. we have staffed our 1-80-call-fbi tip line and continue to encourage individuals to contact that line with any additional tips. we're bringing additional resources-to-boston and they are on cite working as we speak processing evidence at the crime scene. to the extent that the crime scene continues to be a crime screen it may be that for several days. the fbi, jttf is logically following up on a variety of leads. you'll see us interviewing in the coming days and encourage you to please cooperate with us.
6:50 am
we have diligence and persistence in combing through the high volume of evidence and leads we are processing now. >> stephanie: all right. fifty minutes after the hour. we are live with the press conference from boston. there is no new information right now. we'll be right back on the >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." about being up to date so a lot of my work happens by doing the things that i am given to doing anyway. joy behar: you can say anything here. jerry springer: i spent a couple of hours with a hooker joy behar: your mistake was writing a check jerry springer: she never cashed it (vo) the day's events. four very unique points of view. tonight starting at 6 eastern. the natural energy of peanuts and delicious, soft caramel. to fill you up and keep you moving, whatever your moves.
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prescribed by rheumatologists.
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i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look
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out for us. ♪ >> stephanie: oh dear god.
6:55 am
fifty-four minutes after the hour. my best friend just texted me and she is in boston. and here is the press conference. >> -- again, i want to stress that information you have videos or photographs that hand not just at that scene, but anywhere in the immediate vicinity could be helpful to this investigation. our focus is on processing that evidence right now, and we're looking forward to working with our partners to bring the individuals who are responsible for this heinous crime to justice. thank you. >> thank you. >> stephanie: the governor has spoken. >> good morning, i'm the superintendent of the massachusetts state police. as i said earlier in one of our briefings, there's really two or three parts to this investigation. there's the investigative part which clearly the fbi is taking
6:56 am
the lead on but there's also a logistic call, and -- presence component of this, so i'm speaking to the public you are going to see an enhanced presence from the boston police from the state police, from the national guard and from our law enforcement partners through the metropolitan boston area over the next days and probably longer. that's not for any particular reason other than to provide some comfort and -- to the public who are using transportation centers or going about their business, so we are engaged with the mbta police in the tea. you are see more troopers and national guardsmen there and police like you do every day but the presence will be significantly enhanced. we're doing that for the comfort of the public. we're looking for cooperation from the public. it's not to inconvenience anyone, and we don't think it will be. you might also see an enhanced
6:57 am
presence at the airport as well that's not for any particular reason other than to solicit cooperation from the public and seek out tips and information. there has to be hundreds if not thousands of photographs and videos or observations that were made at the finish line yesterday. and they are sitting out there amongst everyone that is watching this event this morning, and i would encourage you to bring forward anything. you might not think it is significant but it might have value to this investigation. there are tip lines, the fbi has them as well. if you call in i assure you that someone will follow up on the information. >> stephanie: 1-800-call-fbi is the number. >> good morning, my name is daniel connelly i'm the district attorney here in boston. what occurred yesterday in boston was an act of cowardice,
6:58 am
while there will be an opportunity in the future at the conclusion of this investigation to officially define this act, make no mistake an act of cowardice and of this severity cannot be justified or explained. it can only be answered. to that end, some of the finest investigators have been working through the night to not only conduct interviews and process the scene, but to ensure those interviews are legally sound and the evidence is recovered with the greatest care. at the same time police and other law enforcement agencies have been actively working to ensure the safety of our city. at this point the loss we have suffered is enormous, but thanks to the efforts of emts, police officers firefighters, ordinary citizens, and the doctors and
6:59 am
medical staff at boston hospitals, we can say with absolute certainty that more lives were saved. >> stephanie: right back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪
7:00 am
♪ . >> good morning, everybody, we have been carrying live the boston press conference, and it doesn't sound like they have anything new. >> there were a couple of little small details of information that i think were probably important. maybe we should just go right into that? can we do that? i'll give you guys some
7:01 am
information information that has been going on. >> stephanie: yes, please. >> the governor talked about how there were only two explosive devices. we had information yesterday that there might have been overdevices that were not exploded. only two. three people stilled over 150 hurt. the mayor up after governor deval patrick following up with please contact them with any information you have. then senator elizabeth warren was up next after the two state and local officials. she said the president reached out proactively to state and local law enforcement, offering
7:02 am
whatever resources and support may be necessary at this time. president obama did receive updates overnight. now the fbi and local authorities have received voluminous tips and the atf emphasizing once again it is happy to take more. the boston police commissioner saying it has gotten offers as far away as chicago and san francisco to help with the information. residents will see an increased police presence, but a lot of this is just to make people feel better. and any videos photos audio, any media from the crime scene or the immediate vicinity could be helpful. they are emphasizing that if you
7:03 am
call in, somebody will take that call. they are saying you don't know what it is that you may have and it could be of the utmost importance. we'll be back with more show after the break. ♪ >> if you believe in state's rights but still support the drug war you must be high. >> "viewpoint" digs deep into the issues of the day. >> do you think that there is any chance we'll see this president even say the words "carbon tax"? >> with an open mind... >> has the time finally come for real immigration reform? >> ...and a distinctly satirical point of view. >> but you mentioned "great leadership" about donald rumsfeld. >> (laughter). >> watch the show. >> only on current tv. the chill of peppermint. the rich dark chocolate. york peppermint pattie get the sensation.
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♪ >> stephanie: good morning, six minutes after the hour. jacki schechner joins us from the current news center. it's a personal reminder of what this is like when these sort of things happened. my best friend in the world has just texted me and said we're in boston. i'll call when i can. i believe she was traveling with
7:07 am
one daughter on a college trip. but this is what it is like. the compound tragedy. we were talking about there were newtown families there at the finish line. >> yeah. i mean it's really a loss of words. but we what we are getting in is like a trickle of information. what was taken away the press conference is still going on right now. but a couple of things that come out and i think the theme is that they are still looking for any media, video, photographs, audio that people have. i don't think they can emphasize this enough, and that seems to be the pain point that law enforcement officials want to get across you should send them anything that you have from that day whether or not you think it's relevant, because it may
7:08 am
be. >> stephanie: right. >> they are looking for somebody somewhere along the way, and you may have inadvertently captured that. >> stephanie: right. they describe the tips so far as voluminous. this was the fbi special agent in charge yesterday. >> this will be a combined federal, state, and local effort. it will be an ongoing investigation. a criminal investigation that is a potential terrorist investigation. >> stephanie: yes, obviously. and obviously the press conference there was nobody described as a suspect let alone in custody. >> right. a couple of other just things that we should probably note. one the governor speaking about the devices found yesterday. there were a lot of conflicting reports about how many. they say there were two.
7:09 am
that there were not any other devices found -- there were no controlled explosions of devices, that kind of thing. there was actually just the two that went off. the other thing that they just mentioned in this press conference, is that they did two sweeps before the race as they do before these sorts of events. one was earlier, and one was an hour before the race, but of course because it is an open course, there is only so much you can do. we're not talking about some sort of sporting event where you have a wall you have to pass through, so there's only so much anyone can do in that sort of circumstance. but they did two sweeps before the race. >> stephanie: yeah. >> and the emphasis on the president's involvement. elizabeth warren saying the president proactively reached out to offer support, and the
7:10 am
law enforcement calling for help and saying they are getting offers as far away as san francisco to assist in this. >> stephanie: jacki we have been talking about all morning, speculation about who and what and all of that stuff, but again, nobody described -- there was no -- obviously reporters are asking questions, and you -- the latest you reported they did a search this morning at somebody's apartment, correct? >> it was overnight. they went to an apartment in revere massachusetts. a fifth-floor apartment. and reports were they went in with consent, and residents reported that they came without a stretcher of bags from that apartment. they say it was connected to the bombings, but that's as much as authorities are revealing, but
7:11 am
there hasn't been discussion of who was in that apartment or why they went in but they are saying it was connected. and they are on the look out for some sort of man in a black sweatshirt and a dark backpack. and i'm guessing this person if he is suspicious has changed his clothes and taken off the backpack. but in the photographs and the media that people have collected from yesterday, that's what they would be looking for, somebody who tries to get into a restricted area and then broke eye contact with law enforcement. they say maybe somebody with an accent, but it is all very nebulous at this point. >> stephanie: obviously irresponsible to speculate on both sides, because the "new york post" reported there
7:12 am
was a saudi national in custody. and the timing is of significance. patriot's day. a date that was of significance to people like tim mcveigh. in terms of foreign history, do you have any sense at this point usually would someone have taken credit? i can't recall exactly every incident like this -- and oftentimes it's erroneous even when that is claimed? >> the only thing we have so far is a group that has said it was not them. it is a pakistani group that said it was not responsible. >> they are aligned with the taliban. >> uh-huh. but this wasn't them. so i can't remember a time when a group would come -- it was the pakistani taliban. they denied participate
7:13 am
according to the ap. >> stephanie: obviously as you were saying voluminous tips. this was yesterday. >> to our left, [ inaudible ] two huge bombs, smoke coming out of buildings, and [ inaudible ] and the whole thing stopped and they sent us away. >> a huge explosion while we were having lunch. and everybody ran to the doors and windows. >> i worked in the prudential building, and i don't know what is going on. >> stephanie: jacki we were saying it's not just the social media universe but live 24/7 -- people watching this obviously described as a war zone, and you are watching this and you are like? oh, this is boston? we're used to seeing this kind of footage from overseas, right? >> yeah. it does people -- look we all have our own opinions, and until we have the facts that's all they are is speculations and
7:14 am
opinions. what went through my mind yesterday was who picked boston? like that would be more of a domestic target i would imagine than a american one. you think about the domestic implications of this week with waco and columbine and the oklahoma city bombing, and patriot day, and tax day. it all seems to circulate as a domestic incentive. and i feel stupid even mentioning it, because it is speculation and only goes through your mind. and that's what we do right is we try to piece the bits and pieces together when we can, but you just have to wait for these press conferences and what is officially coming out. >> stephanie: and as we were talking about in the first hour, it's a different news universe. it's not three networks anymore, and they are the only filters of the information there is so
7:15 am
much out there on social media and again, just being careful to say we have no you know, actual suspects or information, but this is what is being speculated. >> right. there's three stories. the story of the facts as they come out and what we get. and you have law enforcement officials but not attributed to anybody in particular so every-so so -- it is hard to reconcile those details because you can't go back to a particular person. >> stephanie: right. we're in -- the fox news some say universe -- >> right. right. >> stephanie: as you say it's part of the story in this 24-hour news cycle. >> right. and then the second part become what are people speculating. and that can be the story. here are some of the theories
7:16 am
that are floating around, and that's a story in and of itself that you need to qualify it. >> stephanie: did you hear anything yesterday -- of all of the things that you hear -- as cow say, most of us news junkies that were watching this all yesterday, somebody said was this originally planned for new york because as you recall the new york marathon was canceled -- >> oh, that would be impossible to know. unless you capture somebody who tells you that -- and there was no evidence that this was coming. everything that i have heard so far from all of these authorities -- you know, just on television and news conferences is there was no indication no warning, before events like this, the law enforcement or security will do a sweep just to see that the area is secure. there was no indication that there was a problem. everything they were doing was routine security.
7:17 am
and the other point i just want to point out as you watch this. you have reporters on the scene who are getting information that is flooding them as it's coming in, it's very hard to check when you are on the scene. and the reporter on any scene is often getting somebody in their ear from a studio somewhere saying keep talking, keep going, keep stretching so a lot of this information comes from that, coming from the person on the scene being told to fill time. and when your mind wanders, you fill from what you speculate. >> because of the bad information in the world comes from producers giving you the stretch sign. >> we can't rule out the possibility that it was a martian attack. >> if you have ever seen a news reporter repeat the same thing over and over again, that's what
7:18 am
is happening. >> stephanie: someone is going keep going. >> oh, look, we imagine aged another laugh. >> stephanie: ah. jacki schechner remains with us throughout the show as much as she can. we'll continue with all of the latest from boston. in the meantime kids we keep everything in our computer safe with carbonite, i don't know why you don't. we have gotten a voluminous stack of oh-no letters. a virus, a power outage some sort of liquid is spilled on your computer -- >> chardonnay. >> yes. >> industrial solvents. >> stephanie: yes, that happens. >> if you keep your computer in your workshop with acids. >> stephanie: jim a weird dude? >> i know. >> stephanie: i had a bit, but i dunked my computer in sulfuric
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(vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>current will let me say anything. ♪
7:24 am
>> when i made the turn it was like a boom, and then another boom, and then another one, boom. it was one right after the other. and a big white cloud of smoke. >> are you okay? >> yeah i'm okay. she was in the grandstand and i was just worried about her, you know? >> yeah. >> this is really, really bad. >> stephanie: twenty-three minutes after the hour. it's the "stephanie miller show." jacki schechner from the current news center with us all morning here on this tragic day, jacki. everything you say, some of the visuals, and chris was saying doctors were saying the amputations were traumatic, they were just competing the job that the bombs started. and our hearts and prayers go out to everybody in boston this
7:25 am
morning. jacki what i was hearing about the bombs they very described with something not very sophisticated, but enough to do the job in a big crowd. >> and projectiles to cause more damage. >> stephanie: right. it is too early to ascertain the bomber's so-called signature. >> yeah, it sounds like a lot of the shrapnel wasn't actually contained in the devices, but it is just street debris. if these were dropped in trash cans as we have been hearing, it would make sense that what was projected into the crowd was any sort of debris that could be used as a weapon in that scenario, right? it becomes a flying projectile that could really do damage. it sounds like a lot of lower extremities from what we're hearing, people's legs.
7:26 am
you just can't even imagine. it's horrific and i think we'll have a better sense wh -- when this starts to clear. i don't know how nigh these numbers go, but it certainly -- it started at 23 yesterday, and now we're at 150 plus. >> stephanie: and jacki we were saying one of the cruel ironies is sandy hook a team ran. but they are all safe. the facebook page said all runners completed the race before the explosions happened but the sandy hook elementary school, their family members had vip seats near the site. but we were talking about waiting at the fire house not
7:27 am
knowing. and i just got a text from my best friend saying she is in boston, which i didn't know. it's just that thing that all -- you heard a lot of those people yesterday on the news. like i can't find my son. i don't know if my dad is okay yet. you can't imagine, right? that sheer horror of not knowing, right? >> yeah, i think people were accounted for pretty quickly, it seems, and everybody calls in and that's why the cell phone lines get jammed. and they were advising to text instead of corral because it uses less bandwidth, but of course, we want to know that everybody was okay. but i think now -- most people i would imagine have been accounted for, and now they are just trying to assess the damage. i'm seeing now on cnn it has 170-some people. and the problem is people are
7:28 am
scattered. they are not at all of the same hospital. all of the children are at the children's hospital and then mass general -- boston is a large medical town and they have a lot of facilities so people v been brought to different facilities all over the city, and i think that's why they are having trouble getting a count, because you have to assess who is there because of this and where exactly they are. >> stephanie: and there was one father that finished the race and it was his 8-year-old son that was killed there obviously watching his dad. >> and the wife and daughter injured as well. >> stephanie: that's what i heard. do we know anything else about the other two victims? >> i have not heard. i don't think they have released that yet. >> no. >> and i think the fear is that some of the severe injuries may end up being fatalities and that's the concern at this
7:29 am
point. they have a lot of people -- i think 17 people in critical condition, and that is never good news. so you want to make sure these people are able to pull through. i don't know much in terms of the medical professional assessment, and talking to doctors and medal authorities at that point, but it soundslike some of these amputations have to be done to avoid further infection and treat it with the utmost care because they are such severe injuries. and that's why there are so many amputations. >> stephanie: well, and we talked about the -- you know, the double edge sword of social media, that it may lead to more tips, and yet chris was saying it is horrific that people are suffering these pictures on facebook. >> people suffering. and they didn't give permission to do that to people all over
7:30 am
the world. >> stephanie: yeah. right back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ compelling true stories. >> jack, how old are you? >> nine. >> this is what 27 tons of marijuana looks like. (vo) with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines, way inside. (vo) from the underworld, to the world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him. (vo) no one brings you more documentaries that are real, gripping, current.
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♪ >> stephanie: it's the "stephanie miller show." thirty-four minutes after the hour. charlie pierce from joining us live from boston. good morning. >> hi, steph how are you doing? >> stephanie: oh, boy. >> yeah, this was a really bad one. >> stephanie: honey, i know -- boy, your writing as always is just -- you say the very two words -- worst words in the english language this was
7:35 am
yesterday, were secondary device, and there is a possibility of another device please move along for your own safety. you say you could smell the blood a block away. i can't imagine the -- yeah, the max of emotions and things you must be feeling. >> well, you know, in my capacity as a daily sports writer i cover, you know, 15 of these things. i have hung around probably -- that many more just because it's fun and just because it's -- it's just a great day every year, and, you know, it -- it -- i mean i always thought, you know going back as -- you know, and i think of -- because sports writers do deal with this a lot, all of our may major events are very heavily
7:36 am
garrisoned. and we all talked about this it was going to be a college football game, or a swimming meet or whatever. we don't know why anybody did this. the device seems to have been fairly crude so it doesn't look like it was a large network of people. but when they flopped down that story -- the "new york post" has gone completely to the zoo. and davis went out of his way to slap that story down about being the suspect, quote unquote in the hospital. >> stephanie: right. being the saudi national. not to mention it got the number dead wrong. >> yeah. and no it turns out there were really only two devices. >> stephanie: our friend rachel
7:37 am
maddow had this to say yesterday. >> when it comes down to multiple explosives target shrivel populations in an american city, whether or not you use the politically correct terminology seems beside the point. the president's remarks today will be marked as a benchmark in terms of the american response. >> stephanie: charlie that is the thing, we already played bill o'reilly taking the president to task. you really think are you kidding? the white house has said obviously this is an act offer terror. >> yeah, and if you were down there yesterday, which i was, the discussion -- the rarefied cable television discussion over whether or not this terrorism, which is terrorism is obscenely moot. i can tell you the people down
7:38 am
there yesterday were victims of terrorists because they were terrorized. >> stephanie: yeah, as you wrote and you were just saying of course it was going to be the boston marathon one of the last big events closing in on it's a from every direction. and again, you wrote yesterday and we were talking with jacki all morning, charlie about how journalism obviously, it's different today. you have to also report as part of the story, we don't know but this is what is out there, and you were talking about yesterday, that obviously it is patriot's day in massachusetts, the actual date april 15th of significant to tim mcveigh again, this is just speculation. >> i was just suggesting because i was instruct by the fact that april 19th, which is a holiday
7:39 am
only in massachusetts as i know. it's our most laughable state holiday, because it's said to exist only so we will have a holiday in april. but it has become kind of a focal point of the wildness in our politics over the last couple of decades, and you would have to be crazy not to neat. in that unofficial post which i put up about three minutesoff heard. the word conservative right-wingest, does not exist. all i'm saying is there is a vast world of political wildness in this country. timothy mcveigh blew up the oklahoma city building in part because it's patriot's day. i'm not saying it has anything to do with this but there is
7:40 am
now an historic context to this date, which up until 20 years ago was just a happy holiday in boston, where we saw the red sox and then came out and saw a footrace. >> stephanie: exactly. and as we were saying the right-wing will take that and say, the left rushed to blame the tea party -- >> another phrase that does not appear in my blog. if you want to be offended because i mentioned timothy mcveigh, maybe you ought to examine your own conscious. again, i don't even want to get into who did this? --. but i do think there is a wildness in our politics now. and the post about the constitution project 577-page
7:41 am
report about how we torture people. you want to talk about political violence, read that and find out how the big boys do it. you know? >> stephanie: uh-huh. >> it is a violent and sometimes reckless politicalage. some days it's hard to call out the humor in it. >> stephanie: yeah. chris mentioned the boston police department there has been virtually no leaks. there was an report there was an apartment searched -- >> the fbi is in charge of it now. and that was pretty plainly starting to happen by about 5:00 yesterday. yeah, i think they will play this as close to the vest as they can, at least in part because -- this is an area -- you have been to boston you know it's central to
7:42 am
everything. >> it's crowded. >> it's central to tourism, shopping, everything and this is a crime scene. it is going to be shut down for -- my guess at least two weeks, possibly longer than that. and the worst thing anybody can do is start leaking, you know, details -- half-baked details from out of the investigation. >> i have to handed it to the boston police they have kept tight lipped and they need to be. >> they have performed magnificently from the moment the bombs went off. a lot of those cops were on duty since midnight the night before because they set up everything and then they stand guard over it. those people were across the street and into the crowd and ripping aside the metal barriers, because in this situation the safety precautions worked against you, because the injured were all behind metal
7:43 am
barriers. so a lot of spectateors and it was a great display. >> you can -- you can reach your own conclusions based on what happened. >> stephanie: yeah there is so much speculation and reports oftentimes in the rush to be first, or as even jacki said in trying to fill time -- >> yeah, talking to you "new york post." god. >> stephanie: yeah, but as we say that's sort of the best we have right now. an apartment that was searched. >> yeah. and apparently they did take out three or four bags of -- one hesitates to say evidence but they did take out three or four bags of material. >> uh-huh. >> stephanie: they didn't have to have a search warrant.
7:44 am
>> yeah. and once again the feds are in charge and thanks to the patriot act probably don't need a warrant. >> oh, wow. >> stephanie: yeah. charlie like you say it's one of those days in this country -- the president said in his first statement briefed everybody in congress and said we all agree no democrats no republicans today, and i knew on cue we were going to go in benghazi mode. play bill o'reilly again. >> president obama has addressed the nation and promised justice. but we made one mistake. he called the attack a tragedy. it was not. it was a vial act of violence designed to kill innocent people including children. >> hey bill it's not the president's fault that he writes better than you do. >> [ laughter ]
7:45 am
>> stephanie: yeah. >> a vial act of violence? i don't think you can do that in the english language. >> stephanie: yeah. >> vials of vial. >> stephanie: charlie really -- like semantics is the important thing right now. >> yeah. again, walk around the square and tell me that it isn't terrorism or that it even matters that we call it such. you know what it is and what it isn't. >> stephanie: yeah. of course this is an act of terror, but obviously -- i don't know when that was, not even hours afterwards, what are you going to say? this has hand is what he said, and in his role as commander and chief that's what he tried to do, comfort the american people. >> yeah. >> stephanie: all right. >> okay. guys well, thank you for calling. >> give boston a big hug for us. >> we will, and come back soon. we need more sexy liberals here.
7:46 am
>> stephanie: all right. honey love ya. >> you too, sweety. >> stephanie: all right. we continue on this sad day in boston -- we continue on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ vanguard, the documentary series that raised the bar for excellence. >> where ever the story is, we will go there to get it. >> we dive deep into the topics that we cover. it doesn't get anymore real than this. >> and on the next vanguard. >> they depend on the marijuana money to fuel the other criminal activity. >> as mexican cartels wage a bloody battle over drug trafficking routes, american agents crack down. >> of of these roads lead to the us. >> only on current tv.
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this show is about being up to date, staying in touch with everything that is going on politically and putting my own nuance on it. in reality it's not like they actually care. this is purely about political grandstanding.
7:50 am
♪ >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." >> stephanie: >> stephanie: fifty minutes after the hour. >> [ inaudible ]. >> the elevator shook, the whole
7:51 am
building. it was quite a blast. it scared the hell out of us. >> i was watching the race and we heard an explosion, and we night was a little bit louder than an m-80 or cherry bomb or whatever, and the smoke was right across the street from us basically. it was the most serious thing i have seen since being on the fire department for 26 years. >> stephanie: those are memories you remember. we all saw it and some of those images you can never get out of your head. jim in illinois has been hanging on all morning. >> caller: hi, steph. it is actually tim. i'm one of your loyal opposition on the conservative side and i just want to say it's days like this, you know, stephanie and her mooks -- i don't even know
7:52 am
their names. i called you three times, and we have had a debate/argument, but we do have to care for each other instead of just about each other -- >> stephanie: and you can start by knowing that their names are jim and chris. >> hello. [ laughter ] >> caller: hello, jim and chris. but i do find nobility in what you guys do. that's the kind of word i don't think we use too often. i was watching this with my wife last night. and journalism could be somebody you don't even want to shoot pool with. you think it's a hero and then you find out this is not a person i would want on my bowling team so to speak. but when politics is said and done, really, we're all going to live our lives the way you want to live them. but i just want to say i find
7:53 am
nobility in what you do. >> stephanie: nobody has ever said that about a fart-joke show, tim, but thank you. it's one of those moments where you go hug whoever you know a little tighter. thank you, tim i appreciate all of that. we have been covering all of the latest. nothing new in terms of news. 1-800-call-fbi. >> and if you have any pictures anywhere near the finish line even before the bombings went off -- >> especially before. >> yeah. sen those in. >> stephanie: here is the boston commissioner. >> said there were simultaneous explosions that occurred near the finish line. they occurred 50 to 100 yards
7:54 am
apart, and each scene resulted in multiple casualties. >> stephanie: and they didn't find any other devices. there were speculation yesterday that there might have been more devices found that perhaps didn't go off. susan is in boston welcome. >> caller: hey, high stephanie. how are you doing? >> stephanie: good sweety, go ahead. >> caller: i wanted to start out saying anyone listening to bill o'reilly is subject to having evil against their ears. he -- he's a sick one. >> stephanie: yeah, how do you make the decision susan as a human being to literally while there is fresh blood and limbs hanging off of people in the street go on to make a political point about whether the president used the right word not. >> caller: he does that with everything that happens. he is so much of a bottom
7:55 am
feeder. >> stephanie: right. and this is the false equivalence we always talk about on this show. they will say the left did it after 9/11. no, we didn't. do you remember anybody on the left on the day 9/11 -- you know. >> caller: not one person. what the right gets away with is just insane to me and why -- why we don't rise up and speak out and state -- you know call him to task for this sort of thing. there are people in boston that are suffering, an 8-year-old died, his mother is in critical condition, he has a sister with a brain injury i mean come on. the vial act was when bill opened his mouth last night. but one of the things they brought up that i think is so important is this morning at logan airport, everybody getting the heck out of boston. their bubble is burst and they
7:56 am
are leave en masse. they are stopping them and asking everybody, please re view your photos, your videos, anything you have you might not think it's important, but we do. my gut feeling is that in the end when it is all said and done, something like that is going to turn up whoever it was. i just got this feeling in my gut that that's how we're going to find out. because it was such a home grown type bomb according to what the authorities were saying. i don't see how they are going to find out any other way than something like that. >> stephanie: yeah absolutely. well, sue stay safe. and thanks for checking in. >> caller: i will and i love you. and thank for doing what you do. >> stephanie: thanks honey. the governor yesterday. >> we are asking that people stay out of crowds and calmly
7:57 am
make their way home or if they are visiting back to their hotel. all of the hotels security will be prioritized at the outset. again, if people have information, please use those tip lines. this is very very important that we get as current information as we can, as quickly as possible. >> stephanie: 1-80-call fbi is the number. and heightened security roland is moving today in new york city, so moving is slower. >> i imagine they are looking at all of the moving-type trucks that are going through. >> stephanie: exactly. mark in buffalo you are on the "stephanie miller show." hi, mark. >> caller: hi, you had a great segue talk about the police doing their search of that apartment outside of boston and
7:58 am
it reminds me of the olympic -- the olympic bombings where they pointed to the security guard and really didn't do much more than that but he -- he -- his life wound up pretty much getting ruined. he got death threats and everything, and in the end it turned out he was more of a hero than anything because he did what we say now, if you see something, do something, and he was trying to get everybody out of there. so i would urge everybody to have that same level of caution with [ inaudible ] that they come up with as being a, quote unquote, person of interest or suspect. >> stephanie: very good point, mark. thank you for that. jacki schechner will update us with the latest at the top of the hour, and then join us after the top to continue. thoughts and prayers to boston and we continue on the "stephanie miller show." ♪
7:59 am
8:00 am
[♪ theme music ♪] >> stephanie: all right. jacki schechner in the current news center, it's interesting we see a lot of video and hear a lot of things and read quotes that you can't imagine. one runner said blood was everywhere instantly. one man that was running said i have never seen something like this in my 25 years here. they just started bringing in people with no limbs, he and his
8:01 am
wife tried to shield their children's eyes but they saw a lot. >> yeah it is going to be traumatic. i can't imagine what it was like to be there in person and have a completely unfiltered view of that horror in that moment. there's no way to describe that i'm sure. >> stephanie: here is jacki schechner in the current news center with the latest. >> president obama has ordered flags at half staff starting today at the white house and all public buildings and grounds until sunset on sunday in honor of those killed and injured yesterday in boston. boston lawmakers and law enforcement held a big press conference last hour and while they refuse to say whether they have any suspects in custody at the moment, they emphasized repeatedly how important it is that anyone submit any media to
8:02 am
law enforcement officials. >> at this time we are looking for the public's corroboration, if there's any video, photographic evidence, if you can please contact the fbi hot line or the city's hot line we would like to review any kind of media that you have out there. >> that number is 1-800- -- and it's important to submit any immediate that you have from surrounding the event not necessarily at the moment of explosion but anything that may have happened at the event yesterday. the ap reporting that the two bomb explosions have heightened security elsewhere in the united states and around the world. for example, britain tightening measures for margaret thatcher's funeral tomorrow because of so many high-level dignitaries expected to attend. and the london marathon is
8:03 am
scheduled for this weekend. and they are obviously tightening security for that. there with 30 marathons scheduled for this weekend alone in cities and towns around the world. we're back after the break. stay with us. honest. they know that i'm not bs'ing them with some hidden agenda, actually supporting one party or the other. when the democrats are wrong, they know that i'm going to be the first one to call them out. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
8:04 am
8:05 am
8:06 am
♪ >> obama: i have also spoken with the governor and mayor and made it clear that they have every single federal resource available, and i made clear to them to that all americans stand with the people of boston. >> stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show." six minutes after the hour. jacki schechner with us from the current news center the president also talked to republican and democratic leaders yesterday on capitol hill saying there are no
8:07 am
democrats or republicans on days like this, we are concerned for our fellow citizens except for bill o'reilly. he didn't say that part i did. a lot of people talking about that that bill o'reilly criticized him -- >> within hours. >> stephanie: yeah. it is not a tragedy, it's a violent act -- it's both. >> yeah, it is both. >> stephanie: we have been talking about the images in our head -- it really is just horrific when you hear from the eyewitnesses there i'm reading one guy that said we just started grabbing turn cuts and tying legs. at least 25 to 30 people have at least one leg missing. the doctors were saying the amputations were traumatic, and they were just starting the
8:08 am
the -- finishing the job that the bomb started. >> yeah, and we were talking about the projectiles, that perhaps there were nails or other shrapnel within the device as well. >> nails with ball bearings. >> yeah. doctors were saying that is the kind of thing that seem to be pulling out as they examine and perform surgery. >> stephanie: the police commissioner yesterday. >> we are recommending to people that they stay home. if they are in hotels in the areas that they return to their rooms and don't congregate in large crowds. >> stephanie: obviously heightened security everywhere around the world today right? >> yeah, you think about when these sorts of events happen, it then becomes -- it's reactive, and you can't really be
8:09 am
proactive in ways like this because there's just no way of knowing it would happen. but it's the kind of thing like after we have attacks on airplanes, and then we beef up security at airplanes, and now there's some 30 marathons scheduled around the world this weekend. >> stephanie: charlie pierce was telling us from boston that he and his sports writer friends were saying they did think it was going to be something like this. because the boston marathon, one of the last open events in a society that as you say -- you are right, something happens one place and then security is locked down there. i was on a flight back from chicago, and that's that new wire mesh door that they put so you can't even get to the bathroom when the pilot is out of the cockpit, but how do you secure an event like this? >> you can't. there isn't be a security perimeter -- >> there's no way to secure
8:10 am
everything. and you can't live in that kind of fear. you have to be vigilant and keep an eye out, but it's -- look, in certain societies it's the normal way of life. we're very lucky that knock on wood or whatever is around here -- that we don't deal with this thing on a daily basis, but certainly some communities do and they did do a sweep like they do at all of these events. they did a sweep during the day, but an marathon is an open site. how do you like that down? >> stephanie: ed davis yesterday. >> this cowardly act will not be taken in stride. we will turn every rock over to find who is responsible for. >> stephanie: and in today's press conference obviously, they are still searching for a suspect or a motive. >> yeah. they haven't said anything
8:11 am
specifically. i wouldn't doubt that they have leads, but they are not saying anything. but we keep emphasizing that people should hand over whatever they have not just from the site of the explosion but anything from the marathon day that they may assume could be of use in some capacity. >> stephanie: they are not speculating wildly like the "new york post," is that what yao are trying to say? >> it's hard not to. but if you want to be responsible, at least qualify your speculation or don't say anything at all. >> stephanie: exactly. jill in ithaca on the same subject. good morning. >> caller: good morning, stephanie and the panel. yes -- [ laughter ] >> stephanie: they don't have names. even when we are in person when we are out, i just call them panel. >> caller: i did think it was
8:12 am
nice for that conservative to call in and reach out. congressman king is another one. he is trying to state's al-qaeda. >> stephanie: he is not alex jones, or some lunatic fringe. he's a united states congressman. >> caller: exactly. that's my point. he is supposed to be responsible. he has been anti-muslim since day one. he's not -- he's not representative of a lot of other people in new york and it's really up setting to have somebody like that -- >> stephanie: jill, no matter what side of the aisle you are on, that's human, because of 9/11, when you hear saudi, you go of course because of patriot's day you look at the connection to tim mcveigh and
8:13 am
go, oh, of course. but we don't know. >> i have gut feelings but i'm not expressing them yet. and i want to hear facts not just speculation. and that's what those people on fox news and the "new york post," and others they do that too much. >> for the right-wing there is no terrorism except for islamic terrorism. >> stephanie: yeah. is there going to be as much screaming about the word terror if it turns out to be right-wing domestic terrorists? >> or left-wing domestic terrorists. >> stephanie: yes, left wing of course -- >> well, right. >> yeah, it's hard to tell. and it's okay to say here is what i think, or here is what is going through my mind or here is my idea, but you have to qualify it that way. you can discuss it. we all want to if you are paying at attention. >> stephanie: right. and that's the difference between news -- what is just a
8:14 am
news network and talk radio, where it is partially news and then half of the time it's talking out of our ass, because we have three hours to fill. >> sure, but qualify it say if i had to make an assessment right now, based on nothing. >> stephanie: perhaps we need some sound effects when you are going to pull it out of your ass. [ sound effects ] >> stephanie: welcome to ass talk. this is all the news we have. and now we're just going to -- yeah. eric in atlanta, welcome. >> caller: welcome, all. that's what rand paul is doing about those drones, that was ass talk. but let me go to this situation here. >> stephanie: everything rand pall says ass talk. >> the right-wing extremists these groups are the same groups that rand paul was trying to
8:15 am
protect. they are being watched in surveillance through drones. a drone is a flying camera. they should be watched. put your people on there, stephanie, you and your cohorts, you not liberals you are really blue dog democrats. your name shouldn't be liberal because you agree with rand paul -- >> stephanie: huh? >> caller: and you know these are actually right-wing extremists, that bomb black churches in alabama got away with it, and a lot of this other stuff that they are doing -- these are the people who rand paul was trying to protect. >> stephanie: wait a minute -- >> caller: people like timothy mcveigh. his father they actually banned him. >> stephanie: all right. i don't know what the what -- >> apparently he had to go into a hallway to yell. >> stephanie: i have not been called a blue dog democrat --
8:16 am
>> and another thing -- thing -- thing -- thing [ laughter ]. >> a little bit of a laugh on a heavy day. >> stephanie: yeah. i am worried sick right now, my best friend in the world just texted me and said we're in boston. and i have called and i don't know if both of her daughters are with her or just one. i think it was a college-related trip -- but that's what all of these people go through, right, jacki that until you have information, that's what the seen was yesterday, we were watching the sheer panic in people trying to find their loved ones. >> yeah, i think the concern now is you know who is safe and who was involved, and now the question is what sort of medical condition are people in? that's the concern, right? an amputation we know sounds
8:17 am
horrible, but there is obviously also the risk of infection and the risk of people who are in critical condition we hope they pull through obviously, and that's the concern now, i think other than finding people i think now the big concern is hoping that people get out of this all right. and our death toll stays as low as three. >> stephanie: yeah, and as you were saying one of the people we know are dead was an 8-year-old boy who was there watching his father, and his mother and sister are critically injured as well. you know you train for months because it's this big happy day, and here is this father that finishes the race to find this. i mean it's just -- one of those days, right? >> doctors at boston medical senator are saying carpenter nails and pellets are being found inside of people.
8:18 am
>> stephanie: oh. all right. jacki schechner remains with us for the rest of the hour. seventeen minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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>> "viewpoint" digs deep into the issues of the day. >> has the time finally come for real immigration reform? >> with a distinctly satirical point of view. if you believe in state's rights
8:22 am
but still believe in the drug war you must be high. >> only on current tv. ♪ >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." >> stephanie: this hour brought to you byier this by therabreath
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mouthwash and toothpaste. the president is going to speak live at the bottom of the hour i'm told. >> yeah, they are saying 8:30 but he is always a little late -- >> stephanie: 8:30 pacific. so we'll join that live. billy in texas. welcome. >> caller: hi, guys welcome. >> caller: look, i would like to throw my support behind everybody who was horrified by yesterday too, and point out like y'all did these are times that americans pull together. i don't agree with you guys on anything. >> stephanie: awesome. >> caller: but jacki made a good point that there are countries out there where this is a daily occurrence. and i don't think y'all mention enough how -- how great of a country we live in. you and i can go back and forth
8:24 am
and point and counterpoint each overall we want but we don't normally build bombs to blow each others up. and i wish people on the left would acknowledge that a lot more. >> we do live in the greatest country in the world. >> caller: good for you, awesome. >> stephanie: is that the barometer of being a great american? >> caller: no, ma'am, but there always seems to be -- we get into this discussion about racism, and there's too much guns -- >> we do have our problems? >> stephanie: is that another way to love america is want us to be the best we can, and not have six year olds slaughtered in their classroom. >> caller: i totally agree with that. and i would be willing to sit down and talk with any of y'all
8:25 am
or any leftist, to figure out a solution. >> the point he made at the end was a good one. i don't think anybody is unwilling to have unreasonable conversation. you do this on the show all the time, you welcome people with alternative viewpoints and that's the nice thank about having a forum to discuss issues, and we can talk about whatever we want to talk about. have it in a rational reasonable fact-based manner. >> i'm a little breaking ball uncomfortable people saying that we live in the best country in the world -- it is usually people who have never lived anywhere else who say that. >> stephanie: yeah. and it's not anti-american to say i think socialized medicine works better. >> why do you hate america?
8:26 am
>> right. it's not an implication that you hate your country just because there are ways we can make our lives better. >> stephanie: yeah. i don't think anyone would say oh, the health care system is perfect here. >> no, and it's ignorant to assume that we don't know that we have a really good -- we have a strong country. we're not -- we're a first world country. we joke about first world problems. we are a first world country, and we do have it pretty good. >> if we don't repair the infrastructure that isn't going to be the case. >> right, but that doesn't mean you hate the country to think of ways to make it better. >> stephanie: and the medical system, there are some of the finest doctors in the world here, including the ones who are working right now to save people's lives. dan in chicago.
8:27 am
hi, dan. >> caller: good morning. just wanted to say that everybody was talking about a rush to judgment don't want to say who did this or speculate who did this but back on september 11th of 2012, when the benghazi tape was blamed for everything, there was no holding back on any of that. you had the administration and the media all blaming the video when it was not true -- >> stephanie: actually it was part of the whole unrest in that area. >> caller: i'm talking about just benghazi and the area -- >> stephanie: must like the situation now, we didn't have all of the facts, and we don't have all of the facts now. i don't feel like having a benghazi argument this morning, jacki. i just don't. >> it's a stupid argument. couldn't be influenced by events in neighboring countries.
8:28 am
obviously it can be both. >> stephanie: exactly. exactly. our friend rachel maddow making that point yesterday. >> it comes down to multiple explosives targeting civilian populations in an american city whether or not you use the politically correct terminology at this point seems to me beside the point. the president's remarks today will be marked as a benchmark in terms of the american response. >> stephanie: mike in chicago's coworker ran in the boston manager yesterday. >> yeah, one of our managers finished the race about 15 minutes before the explosion. and they had a reception down the street where you can gather your personal items. when the explosion went off,
8:29 am
they locked down the hotel and everyone went to look out the front of the hotel, and he described it was it was like the running of the bulls, people just running down the street in sheer panic. and he said it was the scariest thing he had ever seen. he didn't know what was going on, he just heard the explosion and saw everybody running. and when we spoke to him, he said everything was okay. and the police were doing thorough investigations but the doctor who operated on everyone he made an announcement that he said he thought it was a, quote unquote, dirty bomb with shrapnel in there, because he was removing nails from people's legs, and it was usually the lower extremities, and there were reports that there were jacks and ball bearings involved also. >> stephanie: yeah. thank you so much.
8:30 am
give our best to your coworker. we continue with jacki schechner in the current news center and the president with his press conference on the "stephanie miller show." coming on to me all the time now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking?
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>> i'm jacki schechner in the current news room. we're going to the white house. >> obama: we're grateful for the a leadership of governor patrick, and the mayor, and even as we protect our people, and pursue this investigation the people of boston will continue to respond in the same proud and heroic way that they have thus far. and their fellow americans will be with them. and you can expect further briefings from our law enforcement officials as the way goes on. when we have more details, they will be disclosed. what i have indicated to you is what we know now. we know bombs were set off. we know that obviously, they did
8:35 am
some severe damage. we do not know who did them. we do not know whether this is the about of an organization or an individual or individuals. we don't have a sense of motive yet. so everything else at this point is speculation, but as we receive more information as the fbi has more information, as our counter terrorism team has more information, we'll keep you and the american people posted. all right? thank you very much everybody. >> president obama summarizing what we know and don't know at this point. he did mention that this is an act of terror saying that we don't know who caused this act of terror whether it's foreign, domestic, organization or individual, but he did use the word terror, and referred to this as terrorism, and saying we'll get more updates and briefings as the situation
8:36 am
evolves. let's see if we can throw it back to stephanie now? are you there, steph? ♪ >> stephanie: all right. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. arnold in north carolina welcome. arnold, the president did not take questions. just so you know. go ahead. >> caller: i called to refute the guy who called you a right-wing supporter of rand paul and all of that kind of stuff, i said that's not how my baby stephanie rolls. [ laughter ] >> caller: are you crazy? >> stephanie: that is not how i roll. >> caller: and did billy from texas not call up here with olive branches and doves and not spilling acid and testosterone all over the place in what is going on? >> stephanie: yes. >> although he did call us leftists.
8:37 am
>> stephanie: yes. charlie in vermont. welcome. >> caller: thank you very much. i just wanted to say thank you to all of the medical people in the boston area. i was watching a news show this morning, and i believe it was the director of emergency medicine from mass general hospital. >> stephanie: right. a couple of hours after this incident happened, he turned around and he had four to five times the staffing -- people just stopped what they were doing, and they came in. >> stephanie: yep. >> caller: just to help. >> stephanie: yes, and the president mentioning what you were mentioning earlier chris, the runners just kept going to massachusetts general to give blood. as usual these kind of times -- it is the best and worst of times. it brings out the best in many, many people.
8:38 am
>> caller: i was born and raised in boston. that's my hometown. >> stephanie: yep. >> bill: and i will always feel for boston. >> stephanie: yeah, me too, just a great, great city. we talked to charlie pierce earlier -- >> i lived there for two years i know exactly where that bomb went off. >> stephanie: yeah charlie our good friend, his writing -- he is brilliant and funny and today he was brilliant and -- >> poignant. >> stephanie: he talked about a policeman saying there was a secondary device. and what that felt like yesterday about not knowing what else is there. and it is confirmed that there weren't any others. >> west borough baptist church is blaming it on gay marriage and will be picketed the
8:39 am
funerals. >> stephanie: well, you are on the "stephanie miller show." >> caller: i wanted to talk about the caller who said you are not american by saying you are the greatest country in the world. we are not the greatest country in the world when you have bombs going off in the street. >> stephanie: right. >> caller: i just wanted to stress on that point. and i had my very first experience with an earthquake today. >> stephanie: you did in oklahoma? >> oklahoma okay i was sitting here having breakfast and it shook the truck stop pretty good. >> stephanie: wow. charlie mentioned that this was the anniversary of the tim mcvague bombing. and this is just speculation.
8:40 am
the battles of lexington and concord -- but we don't know the connection to anything. >> but tim mcview blew up oklahoma city on the anniversary of waco. >> stephanie: when i hosted one of my canceled tv shows, who can remember which, but i had to go to oklahoma and interview a mom who lost her son. and they had an marathon in honor of different loved ones that died in oklahoma city. and she just said it's like -- you know, the healing is like a marathon. life is like a marathon. there are some days that are straight uphill in the wind and other days are better, but it never really goes away, and that's what it is like for victims of all of this stuff across the country.
8:41 am
any way, hearts and prayers go out to everybody this morning. it's that horrible familiar feeling of watching this in real time. >> to our left towards the [ inaudible ] two huge bombs, smoke coming out of buildings, and then something else [ inaudible ] and the whole thing stopped and they sent us away. >> we were having lunch, and everybody ran to the doors and windows. >> i work in the prudential but i don't know what is going on. >> oh. >> stephanie: and it's -- one of those things again you think all of these things that people say during these times are trite, but it really is about the randomness of life. this mom i interviewed, her son was a pizza delivery guy, and just happened to be there delivering food at the murra building. life is too short. and it is too short. and you should be with who you
8:42 am
love and hug who you love. because that could be any of us. look at those people they train for months. it's such a happy day in boston. and look at the dad running he finished, and his son is killed and wife and daughter are critically injured. patrick in boston hi, patrick. >> caller: good morning. i was there about a half hour before, and thank god i got out of there. one of the things i wanted to relate to your audience, is i'm wondering when you are going to start blaming president obama like you did president bush for 9/11? >> really? seriously? >> caller: are you going to listen to what i have to say -- >> stephanie: go ahead if you think that is the day for that. >> caller: after 9/11 -- >> stephanie: did anybody on the left blame president bush on the
8:43 am
day of or the day after 9/11 -- >> caller: okay so it okay -- >> stephanie: did people blame the president when the information came out about how many warnings they had of 9/11 -- >> caller: okay. it is gorge bush's fault after six months in office that we were attacked. but this guy is office for five years -- >> stephanie: is it wrong to point out that there was a memo that said terrorists determined to strike in the united states -- [overlapping speakers] >> caller: we don't know what hand. >> stephanie: we don't know what happened. >> in the two days after 9/11 i happen to think that president bush did a fine job corralling america together. >> caller: please, i would love to have a chewed up tape on how many times you on there -- >> stephanie: yes, because -- >> because he got warnings and he ignored them. >> stephanie: when the story of 9/11 came out, obviously we know how many previous warnings they
8:44 am
had of things exactly like this happens. oh, he hung up. >> but in the immediate two days afterward, when they were still pulling living bodies out of the hole, i think president bush did a good job corralling america together. >> and there's no way president obama would have had warning about this. idiotic comparison. probably the same moron who sent this email. for sure this was done by a muslim. >> stephanie: you cannot compare the two. not the day of, the day after when all of this came out about how many intelligence warnings there were. it wasn't like there was a nonspecific warning -- when in the hearing -- member the name of the memo terrorists determined to strike in in the
8:45 am
united states using airplanes. >> yeah and in italy they had missiles set up because they took the warnings seriously -- >> stephanie: and this was obviously the worst security failure in our history. >> how dare that caller politicize it like this -- the day after this happened. >> stephanie: oh, look the phone lines exploded. oh jacki schechner is back. >> five years blah blah blah blah -- >> stephanie: boy, oh boy, so much for no democrats or republicans, we're all americans today. >> you can't put it on hold for a little bit, huh? >> stephanie: jacki you can stay with us, please? >> sure, why not. >> stephanie: we found her again. jacki schechner remains for us for the final moments with all of the latest out of boston as we continue on the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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it's he documentary series that raised the bar for excellence. >> and on the next vanguard. >> of of these roads lead to the us. follow mexico's largest cash-crop as it heads onto american soil.
8:50 am
♪ >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." >> stephanie: fifty minutes after the hour. jacki schechner from the current tv center. the president just gave a press conference, and echoed what he said yesterday this is an about of terror obviously. our friend tommy christopher wrote a great thing yesterday, he was talking about how the -- it was a satirical headline, wuse fbi agent refuses
8:51 am
to call it an act of terror. by freak out, i mean try a tall's kri car raf of shut the [ censor bleep ] up with lemon. maybe we don't want the guys or guy who did it to know we're on to them. or give an inflated sense of power, but again it's not for the president as he says in the hot minutes after this happens to define it. the white house said clearly it's an act of terror obviously when you have no information -- >> benghazi! >> stephanie: -- about who is behind it. >> by definition it is an act of terror. that doesn't mean it's domestic foreign, an individual, an group, you just don't know yet. but that doesn't mean you can't
8:52 am
define it as an about of terror but we have gotten so political with this now, that we're missing the bigger picture which is that we're going to find out who did this and take care of it. >> stephanie: hit the pause button on your freak out. >> arguing who calls what what is ridiculous. >> remember how the right-wing reacted to janet napolitano talking about an act of terror. they just flew off of the handle. >> stephanie: yeah. sue in rickville, hi, sue. >> caller: good morning on this very sad day. two things, a message to billy, the preamble of the constitution, we the people of the united states? order to form a more perfect union, we are 300 million plus. we are striving to make our
8:53 am
union more perfect. i would argue, billy, that it is more patriotic to effect change that helps the greater good of this country. >> stephanie: that's right. and you know as the official parenting specialist of the "stephanie miller show." as any parent knows sometimes loving someone means saying you are -- >> disappointed! >> caller: exactly. and uncertainty makes people very anxious. and anyone does anything they are can to get rid of that anxiety, so it becomes easy to find someone to blame and say it is this or that group to fits your narrative or be as moronic as bill o'reilly and have to criticize a word because they can't deal with their anxiety, and i understand, because mr. sue is having heart surgery next week, and we're all really anxious about it, though he'll be fine, but all we want to do
8:54 am
is get over it. we just need to get through it. >> stephanie: it would be like arguing the doctor called it a heart instead of cartdiac surgery. >> caller: right. for me the hot minutes afterwards is i'm going to have to be nice to him for a sustained period of time. >> stephanie: you can do it. don't disappoint momma. >> disappointed! >> caller: i love you guys. >> stephanie: hug whoever you love a little bit closer this morning. if jacki schechner were here i would koala on her in person. >> ka -- koala on her face. >> stephanie: that's right. welcome. >> caller: i just called to say i am so proud to be thought of as a leftist in this great
8:55 am
country because we have a freedom make a big ass out of ourselves just like that other fella. >> stephanie: that's right. america, yeah. anita in alabama. hey, anita. >> caller: how are you doing? >> stephanie: good. go ahead. >> caller: i'm calling to respond to that nut that called earlier blaming the president. this is what is wrong with this country. it's the left and right. united we stand, divided we fall. and when we have somethinglike this jit shows how great america is. and i didn't blame bush when 9/11 happened, even though i couldn't stand him. that was an a-hole thing for him to say. an 8-year-old child died and this is not the time -- >> stephanie: that's right. and those runners that kept
8:56 am
going to the hospital to give blood immediately afterwards, they didn't say are these victims democrats or republicans? >> caller: uh-huh. >> stephanie: exactly. that's what we do. jacki i guess we don't know anything -- i'm looking for the chyron now, search is on for a suspect. >> yeah, the only thing to reiterate is that if you were at the marathon and you have pictures you collected, send a copy to federal or local authorities, they are looking for everything, and they obviously have a better sense of what they are looking for than we do so don't necessarily discount what you have thinking it may not be relevant. it could be. >> stephanie: right. 1-800-call-fbi is the number. bill in toledo go ahead. >> caller: when america is under
8:57 am
attack, hating on the president is not patriotic. >> stephanie: yep. >> caller: we came -- >> stephanie: that caller was just historically inaccurate. there was nobody significant from the left that said anything bad about president busch -- bush in the afterward of 9/11. >> that's right. this country was united almost 100. what do they want the president to do sit in a classroom and read "my pet goat"? >> stephanie: exactly. he talked about what came out many, many months after 9/11 about what happened. and we're entitled to have an opinion after we gather the
8:58 am
information. did i do something wrong with jacki? >> oh, i'm sorry. i thought you were just commenting. i didn't realize you were asking for my opinion. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: no, i was saying, just to compare it to 9/11. he was talking about policy that many months later included attacking a country that had nothing to do with 9/11. that's not the same as saying why aren't you blaming president obama for what we have no idea what just happened yesterday. >> yeah and there is nocation that they had any evidence that anything was going to happen. there was no warning no threat at anytime, that there was going to be any kind of attack. they were looking for explosive devices along the marathon route as they normally would -- >> obama should have used his kenyan voodoo to figure it out
8:59 am
before it happened. >> stephanie: all right. we'll see you tomorrow on the "stephanie miller show." ♪


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